Questions About The Magic Application

Please note that we are a reseller of the Magic application bundled with VJ Tracks content.  We do not offer technical support for the Magic application, but we do offer support for our content and project files.  You can visit Magic’s support page here.

Hardware Requirements For Magic

Magic is a high-performance application. Our suggested hardware requirements are the following:

Minimum configuration: “Entertainment-quality” PC or Mac from the last few years, with dual-core processor, 4 GB RAM, and Intel HD graphics (or equivalent).

Ideal configuration: “Gaming-quality” PC or Mac from the last few years, with quad-core processor, 6-8 GB RAM, dedicated NVidia or AMD graphics card (or equivalent) with 1-2 GB memory, Full HD display (1920×1080), and professional-quality audio input device. A fast hard drive (SSD/RAID/etc.) is also recommended for video playback.

PC Setup (Windows)
Windows 7 or later is required.

Mac Setup (OSX/macOS)
The 64-bit version allows more memory to be used, resulting in better performance for large projects. The 32-bit version has better compatibility with older hardware and software. Both versions can be installed simultaneously.

Snow Leopard (10.6) or later is required. El Capitan (10.11) or later is strongly recommended.
The 64-bit and 32-bit versions are installed together; either can be used.

OS X versions 10.6-10.10 are supported with minor restrictions.

Please visit the Magic website for the latest tech specs and detail on their releases.

VJ Tracks strongly suggests the use of a MIDI controller or application to control switching between scenes, triggering effects and other commands in real time. Without one of these devices the versatility and ability to access many of the functions will be severely limited.

We currently include MIDI template for the Elgato Stream Deck (and Stream Deck XL) and Touch OSC App for Android and iOS.  TouchOSC is an affordable way to turn a phone or tablet into a MIDI control device.

Questions Regarding Magic Licenses

I bought a new computer. Can I transfer my Magic license to it?
Yes. On your old computer, use the Help > Deactivate command in Magic’s main menu. It will reset your license so you can activate on a different computer. You can do this up to 4 times per year.

Can I transfer my Magic license between Mac and PC?
Yes. If you want to transfer your license from one computer to another (see above), it doesn’t matter what operating system you transfer to. Magic licenses are not tied to an OS.

Can I use the same license on two computers at the same time?
Only if you purchased two activations on that license. We want to be able to offer one activation for a very reasonable price, because the majority of users don’t need more than one activation. If we included two activations in the basic license, we would be forced to raise the price.

Why do I have a limited number of deactivations?
Basically for the same reason as above. Magic has a per-computer license rather than a per-user license. Most Magic users have only one computer, and they don’t need to deactivate very often. By limiting the number of times Magic can be transferred to different computers, we can offer it for a lower price.

For further questions regarding Magic License/Activation and Magic General/Technical questions, visit:

For further information regarding Magic visit their Forum at