VJ Tracks Live Pro


Take your performance to the next level. This is for users that already own Magic Performer, which is required for VJ Tracks Live Pro.
For Mac and Windows.

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VJ Tracks Live Pro combines features for on-screen & off-screen DJs, music & video DJs (VJs).  Works with your external inputs such as webcams, music video sources (Serato Video, Mix Emergency), Syphon, and video loops, and allows you to combine and interact with them in your scenes. Includes dynamic scenes, Virtual Stage FX, and stingers.

All scenes are customizable.  Scenes and effects can be triggered live using a Stream Deck or Midi Device.  Alternatively, scenes can automatically switch via Playlist function and randomize function.  Extremely low CPU usage.  Output to any video software that supports Syphon (Mac) and Spout (Windows), such as OBS.  It can be used with your existing OBS Scenes, or it can replace them.  A must for Twitch performances.

Features include:

  • 13 Scenes
  • 10 Video Borders
  • 10 Virtual Stage FX
  • 3 Custom Stingers (transitions with your logo)
  • 3 Watermark Logo Areas
  • 3 Logo Overlay Areas
  • Sound Active Watermarks & Logos
  • Virtual DJ Booth Facade with Green Screen (Chroma Key) Features
  • Personalize and Create Unlimited Shows & Scenes with your own Content

Requires Magic Performer. If you do not already own Magic Performer, you can purchase it in the VJ Tracks Live Pro w/ Magic Bundle. For Mac and Windows. Please review the software System Requirements before purchasing.

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