Virtual Stage FX 1


Bring festival stage effects to your broadcast and visuals! 10 effects. 720 HAP-Alpha, MP4 1080 and 4K.

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This is a sampler pack which showcases different elements from our upcoming Virtual Stage FX product line.

Bring “festival stage effects” to your Twitch broadcast and VJ graphics! Trigger flame throwers, pyrotechnics, confetti and more as overlays in your OBS scenes. High resolution files are available for video editing projects.  Available in 720 HAP-Alpha, 1080 & 4K MP4 format.

Please note that Virtual Stage FX 1 is bundled in VJ Tracks Live and VJ Tracks Overlays for Magic.


Hint: use the Layer Mode “Screen” to quickly composite most footage in your software.  HAP files have alpha channels for use in Magic and other live performances software.  For certain files, a separate alpha channel video file is included.

Additional information

Video Resolution

1080, 4K, 720, 720 HAP

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